The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies’ mission is to provide the best evaluation and treatment within a continuum of care.  We wish to improve the health and wellness for each and every one of our clients. When our founders, Cathy Kohlenstein (departed) and Karen Johnson, opened The Center for Integrated Manual Therapies in 2000, their primary goal was to create a healing environment where therapists would have ample one-on-one time with clients.  In doing this, they significantly improved outcomes and made greater differences in their client’s lives.

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10 Aug 2020

Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance is an independently and veteran owned and operated agency in Elkridge, Maryland and we deliver insurance and risk management solutions to businesses. We’ve served commercial enterprises since 1989 and we are committed to excellence to our clients and our community. We’ve built our business by paying close attention to clients’ needs and by developing special, comprehensive programs that suit a wide variety of businesses. In 2003 we received the Volunteer of the Year Award given by the Maryland Association of Community Services.

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SOTIAMPs met with School of the Incarnation and their number one concern about their website was stakeholders could not find needed material. We also learned that SOTI was a very active school and AMPs needed to find a creative solution to display their activity while still staying organized.

Solution: AMPs recommended the use of “balloon” menus and a retracting sitemap on every page. The newly designed look showcased the wonderful things happening in the school while promoting essential information on the homepage.

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