The top four challenges faced by social media marketers worldwide are assessing the effectiveness of social media activities (cited by 67% of marketers); designing an overall social media strategy (62%); making social media data actionable (61%); and educating staff on how to use social media (59%). (eMarketer)

Is social media necessary for me?

Most likely. Social media is vastly popular and highly interactive, making it easy to connect directly to those interested in what you do. Each social medium is a channel through which you can send your message. Information is spread quickly and inexpensively. It’s a great way to connect with current friends and clients and to make new ones, too.

Social media is critical today. As important as it is, social media is time–consuming, fast–paced and ever changing.

Fortunately, social media inexpensively keeps you in touch with your customers, clients, supporters and donors. It also is a great way to find new contacts.

AMPs has the resources to develop and grow your “e-community” and start a social media campaign to increase friends and supporters. From database management to message development to timed transmission, AMPs has proven techniques to make your online presence superlative.


We will write your message, create the design, develop a specific target market and run the campaign on your schedule. You will receive full analytic and demographic reports. Social media marketing is trackable and measurable – which provides essential information for making adjustments in real time to maximize value. That’s a beautiful thing!

Social media services for you:

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