Our History

In a Nutshell

AMPs’ rich history comes from the world of advertising. After serving as a publisher’s representative and doing ad placements successfully for more than three decades, in 2002 AMPs expanded as a full–service media agency. Today, AMPs has an enviable reputation for serving the needs of a diverse, local, regional, national and international list of clients.

AMPs is a full–service communications, media and development firm that helps our clients tell their stories. We specialize in using the tools of communication for informing, friend-raising and fund-raising. We are experts in print media, such as newsletters, magazines, books, brochures, ads and posters. We also specialize in websites, e-communities, audio and video.

Advertising comes from two Latin words: ad (toward) verum (the truth).

To us, advertising is the vigorous pursuit of accurately telling your story to others who will want to join your program, support your services or buy your. Whether we are using our skills in public relations, design, video, internet or social media, our passion is telling your story so that you get results. And that’s the truth!