Do print materials have value anymore?

Ink on paper gives your message authority. To publish a product is still the most credible communication tool in an era where so much is digital and temporary.

AMPs knows how to “go to press.” Our team loves to hear and feel the presses running. With roots deep in publications, AMPs services its clients by producing newspapers, newsletters, magazines and books.

We also are experienced in online publishing.

When you are ready to publish, AMPs has the expertise and experience to get you to press.

After publication, we will help you with your distribution and, if needed, sales. We can plan the subscription and readership campaign, draft the message, solicit mailing lists, print and mail your package. We even track your results.

Publishing services for you:

  • Product Development and Planning
  • Interviewing
  • Copy Writing
  • Proofing
  • Printing
  • Addressing
  • Mailing