07 Jul 2015

Latest Website Trends

Every year, we see new website design elements emerge.

You may be asking yourself: But what are the latest features to include in my website redesign? And what elements are most important? Well, we’re here to help.

Here are six important elements of modern website design that you can include. When deciding, please be sure to keep the branding of your company at the front of your mind.

  • Typography
    • Most companies have a particular family, style, and size of a font, or typography, that helps their customers immediately identify the company. In recent years the selection of “web fonts” has grown. Designers can have a broader selection of fonts to choose from on their websites. When creating your company’s brand, it is important to consider the typography. This allows readers to immediately identify your website and brand.
  • Flat Design
    • Flat design is known for its simplistic appearance. Instead of using three-dimensional effects, flat designs use simple illustrations that typically have brighter colors. Additionally, flat design’s style makes the website appear cleaner with more white space. Designers are moving toward creating websites with more whitespace to keep the focus on the content of the website instead of overloading websites with design elements.
  • Hover Effects
    • Hover effects help you identify where you are on a page. When you place your cursor over a part of a website that has a hover effect, it usually changes colors or highlights letting you know where you are looking. It helps drive the viewers focus to the important parts of a website.
  • Scroll to Page
    • The newest feature to populate websites is the scroll to page effect. This allows users to continually scroll down on the landing page and see important content. It removes the extra step of the user clicking on a link to redirect them to a page. It also helps previous visitors to your site who may be looking for one piece of information they saw before, and with scrolling, they can get to the section of the website page where it exists easier and quicker.
  • Giant images
    • Have you noticed the graphics on sites getting larger and larger? Yes, that’s the new trend. Larger images help designers highlight different features in a more efficient and effective way. This tactic keeps the visitor thinking about the service with the visuals. We are bound to skim over a lot of text, but with the large images, we are able to get a solid idea of what the services do and convey it through images instead of words.
  • Videos
    • Nowadays … what’s a website without a promotion video? Hardly anything. In addition to large images, companies are also beginning to use promotional videos to talk about the benefits of their products and services. Usually found at the top of the primary landing page, it is strategically placed, hard for a viewer to ignore. According to Magazine, 92% of customers watch online video and 43% of customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business.

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