If you’re not getting the business you want, have you checked your website?

The rule for how often you should refresh your site is more frequent than you think. Some marketers advise businesses to do a website overhaul every 18 months. While each website has its own mission, one common denominator is that sites need care and updating – think of it like changing the oil and rotating the tires on your vehicle.

How do you diagnose the problems with your current site? We have a few questions you should answer.


Is your brand consistent?

If you saw your website as an outsider, would you assume that your brand works well? Would you really understand what kind of work your brand does? If you can’t confidently say yes, then your website is probably not consistent with your brand. If you believe in the work you’re doing, make other people believe in it, too.

Does the design of your website reflect how awesome you are? Get your branding in shape, and people will be more likely to understand you.


Is your content relevant?

People are turned off by content that is old, untrue or unimportant. If you are trying to get someone to buy your goods, use your services or support your cause, you don’t want them to be derailed before they get to your main message. That’s why updating your content is so important.

Here’s the secret to keeping your content fresh and up to speed: get someone else to do it for you. Unless you’re in the business of website content and function, you probably don’t want to (and shouldn’t have to) invest time in routinely checking your site for text, photos, videos and graphics that are relevant to your business or your audience. If maintaining your website isn’t up your alley, you’re in luck. That’s the work we love to do.


Are you inviting people to engage?

Think of your website as a roadmap to what you do. It should all lead your audience to where you want them to go. If that route is unclear, people will leave your website. It’s that simple.

They can’t figure out how to best contact you? They won’t. Your website doesn’t work correctly on a mobile phone? They’ll give up. You may have customers who want to contact you and can’t figure out how.


So ask yourself, how inviting is your website?

Every business has to be honest with itself about how effective its communications are. AMPs is no exception. We recently assessed our website and determined that it did not do our services justice. So we remade it. Feel free to roam our new and improved site and let us know what you think.


Think your website is due for a facelift? Give us a call.



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