25 Mar 2016

Communication is Key

As a communications firm, you would think that everyone at our company has the term “Communication is Key” branded on their foreheads, but as in every company, there are errors in translation.

At AMPs, we define success as “happy clients.” To achieve the goal of our clients being happy, we must streamline our work to be done well and efficiently. This all starts with a leadership role and that person’s communication with not only the client, but also the other staff members who will be contributing to the work.

There are three qualities that I found to be most helpful in improving communications. First is unity.

A company that works together to develop strong communication with each other is a united company. Each team member shares the same goal, and everyone knows what their co-workers have on their plate. By simply keeping in touch on a regular basis, everyone remains united and working together. This instills a cooperative atmosphere rather than having a bunch of individual people only looking out for themselves.

Next is feedback. When communication is open, it creates an office environment where everyone feels comfortable talking with each other. When that level of comfort is present in a business, employees feel confident that they can express their ideas about the work process to each other and even to management. Feedback is a vital component of communication.

Lastly is innovation. No matter how skilled and talented individuals within the company are, you can never have too many ideas. By encouraging everyone in the office to openly share their thoughts without fear of being shut down, you will see that each project will grow and improve from other’s skillsets and insights.

If you are looking for media, digital or communications help and want to be one of our many “happy clients,” please contact us for help!




  1. Simple yet important points. Adorable graphic, too. The character on the left almost looks, to me, like Dennis the Elf Dentist from “Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer.”

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