31 Jul 2015

Try, try again

Let’s see if you’ve experienced anything like the following.

While surfing the web I came across an ad for a beautiful dress. I clicked the ad just to see what the price might be. I admired the dress but I didn’t want it. Well actually, to be more accurate I shouldn’t spend money on a dress. I should buy something more sensible like, I don’t know, groceries. So I leave the site and head to any number of websites during my daily eight hours behind a computer screen.

But then a funny thing starts happening. I begin to see this dress ad everywhere. I saw the dress ad on YouTube, on news sites and even on Facebook. After about three days I buy the darn dress because clearly it was following me around like a lost puppy and it needed a home.

So what happened here? This is known as behavioral retargeting, or simply as retargeting. It is a form of online-targeted advertising by which digital advertisers identify consumers based on their previous Internet actions that did not result in a conversion.

Let’s break it down. Every sales person can tell you that your first email contact or phone call will not likely result in a sale. In the same way, approximately 97 percent of the people who visit your website will not convert on their first visit. This loss of potential sale is huge, which is why, as any good sales person knows, follow up is the key.

With retargeted ads, you follow the people who left your site on their journey to other websites. They might next go to ESPN’s website and suddenly your ad is now popping up as a banner ad on this website. Maybe after that they look up some restaurants and you pop up again. Subtly, you are beginning to take up residence in their mind and building your brand awareness.

These retargeted ads produce two positive effects. By building your brand awareness, when your customer is ready to buy he or she remembers your name and goes back to your site. Or, during the time your ad is seen again, they click to your site and make the purchase.

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